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Lovely Day Global Premiere

Vans Snow Storms Vancouver, BC

Jake Kuzyk’s mom, Sharon, is visibly excited outside of the Georgian Court Hotel in downtown Vancouver, BC. “It’s hard to have perspective here,” she says, “Is this event really a big deal, or do I just think so because it’s for my son?” We’re in the city to see the global premiere of Lovely Day and celebrate Jake’s new signature line with Vans Snowboarding. Considering the the dozens of people that would show up for tonight’s art show curated by Jake, Cole Navin and photographer Oli Gagnon—and the even bigger crowd in attendance for the Lovely Day movie premiere the following night—this whole ordeal certainly doesn’t seem a small one.

As we load onto a sleek black shuttle-van the driver, Parveen, jokes that we can smoke ‘em if we’ve got ‘em before whisking us off into traffic. Next stop: the art show at Antisocial Skateboard Shop. Tonight the storefront’s been refitted for the gallery, its door temporarily reading “Antisocial Snowboard Shop,” racks removed and walls lined with pictures from the shows curators. The smattering of photos depict some solid boarding, but shine an even brighter light on the memorable moments in between the action that these guys are known for. After what originally seemed to be an excessive amount of Corona is quickly consumed, some attendees begin taking frames off the wall, which no one seems particularly bothered by. Once those floodgates had opened, dozens were happily departing the shop with a piece of the show in hand. “The same thing happened at the Vancouver premiere of Landline.,” Cole says.

Following a fast recovery throughout Thursday the ruckus is revamped on Friday night, The Clubhouse on 1st Ave fully packed with people partying and awaiting the premiere of Lovely Day. “Everything [filmer] Tanner [Pendleton] puts his hands on is gold,” I overhear someone saying just before the screening. Not even halfway through the 10 minute movie, cheers from the crowd indicate that Tanner had struck it again. While Lovely Day may not be anything like the meticulous, mind-melting two-year project that Landline. was, this new homey short does well to depict the fun, laid-back vibes of a tight crew road tripping a couple of RVs down the west coast. And that’s also not to say there isn’t some impressive snowboarding (and skateboarding, and even… sandboarding?) in Lovely Day–when you roll with these guys, it’s kind of a given.

As the movie wraps the dancing resumes, and the latter wouldn’t stop till the lights came on and bouncers kicked us out. We wander out into the city, some of us ready for bed, others for more beer. Despite differing desires at this moment, one thing we all hope to enjoy soon is getting to the mountains, lacing up, strapping in and sending deep. With lowering temps and increased precipitation across North America, it won’t be long before we’re in the thick of it. Until then, I’ll settle for this greasy poutine.

Lovely Day: A Vans Snowboarding Film 

Filmed & Edited by Tanner Pendleton.

Featuring: Jake Kuzyk, Cole Navin, Parker Szumowski,  Dan “Danimals Liedahl, Blake Paul, Mike Ravelson, Kennedi Deck, Sam Taxwood, Pat Moore, Darrell Mathes, Jody Wachniak, Benny Urban & Arthur Longo.

Dedicated to Dillon Ojo & Mike Kuzyk.

Read more about Jake Kuzyk in issue 16.3.


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