Jake Burton Carpenter Begins Battle with Cancer for the Second Time

Today we are taking a moment to send our love, support and positive vibrations to Jake Burton Carpenter. You got this and we’re all in your corner. This from Jake over the weekend:

“You will not believe this, but my cancer has come back. It’s the same tumor as the first time around. We just never got rid of it all. A bit of it hung out in my lymph nodes and got back into business.

The odds are in my favor, but it is going to be a struggle for sure.

As much as I dread what is facing me, it’s easier to deal with when you know that you have a family that will carry on.

I feel the same way about my company, my friends and our sport. I will be back, but regardless, everything is in good hands which is an amazing feeling when entering this zone of uncertainty.”

ABOVE Jake Burton Carpenter. Photos shot by Jeff Curtes, as seen in Jake’s interview in Issue 10.4.


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