The Radicals | Fall 2018 Trailer

The Radicals | Fall 2018 Trailer


“The Radicals” Starring Tamo Campos, Marie France Roy and More – Now Available Online

If you haven’t already seen Beyond Boarding’s The Radicals, now is your chance. The 2018 feature starring Tamo Campos, Marie France Roy, Jasper Snow Rosen and Meghann O’Brien is now available on Vimeo On Demand, Amazon Video, Google Play and elsewhere. See for more information.

A word from Beyond Boarding about The Radicals:

The Radicals challenges outdoor enthusiasts to examine their relationships with the places they use for recreation. It introduces controversial resource extraction projects and gives a voice to the indigenous communities that they affect. From the Tahltan fight for the Iskut Headwaters, BC Hydro’s corruption in Xwísten, art as resilience on Haida Gwaii, to a coastal uprising against fish farms, each community teaches the athletes what it means to be a true radical.

This is the first time The Radicals has been available for digital streaming and download. It premiered at the Museum of Vancouver in September 2018, and drew rave reviews screening at film festivals, schools, and in communities all over the world. Filmmaker Brian Hockenstein says, ‘Seeing how this film resonates with audiences has been the most rewarding part of this project. Now with the digital release, I can’t wait to see what kind of impact can be made with these powerful stories of resistance.’”


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