Mark Rainery “RainSeggy19” Full Part

Mark Rainery catches a lot of air during the winter. He also catches plenty of enviable face shots. You may recognize Mark from the opening segment of Absinthe Films’, Isle of Snow, but he stacked a lot more footage last season than what made it into the movie, and now is your chance to see it. It’s all in a year’s work for the talented Pacific Northwest ripper who put together this awesome edit showcasing his 2018/19 season spent at Mt. Baker and Stevens Pass, WA, as well as Japan, Alaska, Brighton, UT and around British Columbia.

A word from Mark about the “Rainseggy19” video:

It’s some snowboarding footy, mostly from around Baker with a pinch of Stevens. Was fortunate enough to visit Japan for the second time, I really miss the food but the snow was great too, hehe. Tripped up to Whistler, Revy, and Nelson BC, must return… Brought it back down to Brighton for a freak of a system. Afterwards, rallied up home to AK just in time to catch some great late spring weather and almost get smoked by an avalanche. Not how I’d recommend closing out a winter, but thankful I was so lucky. Don’t ignore the red flags out in the beautiful backcountry. Thanks to all the friends who enjoyed taking part in all the filming, shoveling, hiking, sledding, and riding 🙂 Stay young, man.


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