THE FIRETRUCK 2.0 – Destination Alaska

After a string of four knee surgeries in six years, Austin Smith was having trouble enjoying snowboarding the way he did in the past. Then he rebuilt his brother’s 1953 GMC firetruck, transforming it into the ultimate adventure-mobile. “I had a run of bad luck with 4 knee surgeries in 6 years,” he says. “It changed my relationship with snowboarding, made me question if it was worth it, pain, surgery, rehab vs. powder with friends. But the powder wasn’t even fun anymore, I was scared of snowboarding, of getting hurt, stressed I wasn’t good enough and anxious of becoming a washed-up pro with a broken body. I was here mentally for years. Then this obnoxious, cheesy, dorky Firetruck came into my life. And while living in the truck, in ski resort parking lots and snowboarding everyday, I found the fun again.”

It’s great that Austin found the fun again, and great that filmmaker Jeremy “Jerm” Thornberg was there to document it. In The Firetruck 2.0 – Destination Alaska we get a glimpse at life in the truck–from getting stuck in powdery parking lots to enjoying the lines those storms opened up on mountains ranging from Bend, OR to Haines, AK.

Caution: If you don’t already have this feeling, then The Firetruck 2.0 – Destination Alaska will make you want to quit your job and go live in a van. You have been warned.


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