Narcis | Brezovica, Kosovo with Elias Elhardt

“In the midst of Kosovo, an area that’s been haunted by war and ethical conflicts, Elias Elhardt discovers the small ski resort Brezovica. With several abandoned hotels and lifts, time has seemingly stopped here since Yugoslavia’s breakdown over 20 years ago. Snowboard enthusiast Hamdi [Hasari] is one of the locals that now wants to breathe new life into this special place. He guides Elias through this forgotten world and reflects on the question, how a future can be built if the past still weighs so heavily.”

Writer & Producer – Elias Elhardt
Director – Alexander Tank & Elias Elhardt
Starring – Hamdi Hisari, Elias Elhardt, Benjamin Mohr, Alexander Tank, the wonderful people of Brezovica
Director Of Photography – Alexander Tank
Camera Operators – Andreas Zissler, Karsten Boysen, Elias Elhardt, Isabelle Robertson
Aeriel Operator – Karsten Boysen
Film Editor – Alexander Tank
Sound Mix & Sound Design – Christoph Holzknecht
Colourist – Manuel Portschy
Stills Photographer – Carlos Blanchard
Premiere Tour Supervisor – Isabelle Robertson
Publicity & Communications – Birgit Gruber, Aline Bock
Music Supervision – Florent de Maria/


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