Ash and Steel 2020 – Snowboy Productions

Snowboy Productions returned to Carinthia Parks at Mt. Snow, VT for the second year of Ash and Steel, and it was a hit. The fusion park of classic metal rails and all wooden features looks as unique as it does fun, and it looks pretty damn fun.

Riders: Tarik Blowers, Blake Geis, Rory Bruder, Rob Black, Boody, Laura Rogoski, Casey Savage, Shaun Murphy, Dylan Gray, Jeremy Ellenberg, Skoot, Savannah Shinske, Sean Dillon, Johnny O’Connor, Timmy Sullivan, Brandon Reis, Shane Weis, Jake Yokum, Tim Major, Jed Sky, Jesse Jarrett, Jake Gaudet, Max Lyons, Zeb Powell, Lily Calabrese, Eli Sticky, Derek Conti, Abby Ronca, Parrish Isaacs, Joe McEvoy, TJ Fitzgerald and Storm Rowe.

Filmed and edited by: Dylan Demers.

Additional Filming by: Chris DeJohn, Dan Callahan and Bryan Jones.


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