The Bruners Overtime Full Movie

Right up there with Hourglass, The Bruners’ Overtime should be considered mandatory viewing in 2020 for any fan of street snowboarding. In addition to displaying consistently amazing riding these guys really know how to film and edit a compelling movie.

And how about that double creeper slide (6:03)? That trick alone demands every jibber’s attention.

Filmed and edited by: Julien Choiniere.

Additional filming by: Ulysse Dubé Burelle, Gab Larivière, Anthony Drolet and Jordan Bell.

Riders: Axel Stall, Chris Fellner, Dominic Tessier, Emile Veilleux, Mas Séguin, Nic Roy, Niels Schack, Russell Beardsley & Seb Picard.

Titles: Russell Beardsley.


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