Quarantine Coping – Snowboarders’ Strategies

For those who’d rather be in the mountains, stay-at-home orders sting especially hard. Social distancing guidelines and lengthy lockdowns across the globe have snowboarders yearning for turns now more than ever. At this point, many of us would opt for a full day of fighting icy moguls rather than spend another minute sheltered in place. So, aside from rewatching timeless videos, binging Netflix and playing video games like SSX Tricky for hours on end, how are snowboarders staying sane in these trying times?

First we reached out to professional riders and photographers for their quarantine coping strategies, then we asked our friends and subscribers what they’re up to. Here are some worthwhile activities we’ve heard back about thus far:

matthew Roebke

In between phone calls with loved ones I’m trying to stay busy editing photos and working on an imported Saab, although honestly I’m not really sure if bringing a Saab back to life is productive! At the very least, I’ve found some fun new ways to get barreled.

Maggie & Steve Ciaccio

We like to turn on music and play on our Indo board!

We also like to go for short runs around the neighborhood and do some jumping roping. Getting in a sweat is an excellent way to relieve stress and reset.

Matthew McDonald

I’m taking the extra time I save on commutes to the office to introduce the kiddos to skateboarding while working from home. #StartEmYoung.


I feel like this downtime has helped me to remember other passions in life, and I’m stoked to share about them. I’ve created a piece on herbal therapeutics for the times of COVID-19 in hopes of helping anyone who might read it. It comes straight from my heart to you and your loved ones.


Dylan McCullough, age 6, practices his air awareness on the trampoline.


An hour-long gentle yoga practice led by The Snowboarder’s Journal Creative Director, Jessie Lu Galbraith.

What are your favorite quarantine coping strategies? We want to hear from you! Let us know by email at


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