“Nico” Starring Nine-Year-Old Nico Bondi

Nico Bondi is a kid who prefers vegetables over ice cream. He’s also hitting 720s before even hitting five-feet-tall, so in many ways, he’s not your average nine-year-old. While some youth focused snowboard shorts tend to be a bit hokey, Loïc Wirth & Vernon Deck did a fantastic job in creating a beautifully shot and scored look into the life of this little ripper. If the footage doesn’t already make this obvious, expect bigs things from Nico in the future.

Cinematography: Loïc Wirth
Directing: Loïc Wirth & Vernon Deck
Additional footage: Francesco Bondi & Vernon Deck
Art: Nico Bondi
Color Grading: Loïc Wirth
Writing & Editing: Loïc Wirth


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