Amuse Bouche with Victor Daviet

A word from our friends over at Salomon Snowboards about the video, “Amuse Bouche with Victor Daviet”:

amuse-bouche → hors d’oeuvre; appetizer

Over the last two years Victor Daviet has been working with Pirates Crew on their latest project, DRIVEN. With the unforeseen circumstances presented by the pandemic, the Pirates Crew has decided to add another year to the project, ensuring expectations aren’t compromised and the final product is nothing short of jaw dropping. As one might imagine, three years of filming allows for premium ‘b-roll’ footage. Amuse Bouche was created in efforts to curb the growing appetite for DRIVEN, satiating us like a fine brie and artichoke dip with Victor’s stylish approach to the backcountry and leaving us drooling for the main course.


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