Mountain Minded – Xavier De Le Rue, Pat Moore and More Weigh In on Backcountry Safety

In this episode of Mountain Minded, a web series by Absinthe Films, we hear from Pat Moore, Xavier De Le Rue, John “JG” Gerndt and others about the importance of safety in the backcountry. Pat very unfortunately lost a friend of his after he was buried in an avalanche during a solo mission on Mt. Washington, NH. In the video, Pat says the death could have been avoided. Xavier recounts his firsthand experience of getting caught in an avalanche that could have ended his life, as well as what he learned from it. They’re sharing these stories as a reminder to never underestimate the mountains and to do everything in your power to mitigate danger while on the hunt for fresh turns. There are epic times to be had in the backcountry, but it’s important to remember to always implement the safest practices you can while you’re out there.


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