Shift: A Bike to Board Journey

Type-two fun doesn’t even begin to describe Stratton Matteson’s modus operandi. He’s been on a personal journey to significantly cut down his carbon footprint while still riding more powder than the average human. Stratton’s movie, Shift, builds on his Bike to Board web series–a continuation of his path to eliminate fossil-fuel powered transportation to the mountains.

Read more about Stratton and his Bike to Board adventures here. 

A word from Stratton himself about the film: 

This film dives into Stratton Matteson’s personal journey of shifting away from fossil fuel-powered transportation and opting for a pedal powered pursuit of his passion for split-boarding. It’s a story of adventure and a call to action: How can we shift our lives *now* to preserve a livable planet for ourselves and future generations? Through biking to board he finds a way to continue doing what he loves while feeling integral in his actions.


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