Anti Autti in “Arctic Lines: Kåtotjåkka”

A word from big mountain snowboarder Anti Autti about the video:

In the north, we have a saying; ¨Summer in Lapland is cold and only slightly snowy.¨ This is very true, especially in the far northern part of the Arctic Circle such as Abisko, Sweden. For many years, I’ve enjoyed summer snowboarding trips to this area. The snow has turned to corn and the day is 24hrs long. This is the time to enjoy long days in the high elevations.

So, for the final mission of the season, our crew decided it was time to take a chance and attempt one of the biggest lines of the season – Kåtotjåkka North Face.

I was very happy that my friend, mountain guide Anders Bergwall joined the crew to share his knowledge because this major line requires a process of careful study and planning.


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