FABRIC – A Documentary Series | Official Trailer

Robin Van Gyn (on the cover and featured in Issue 19.1) just released the trailer for FABRIC, a five part series spearheaded by the big mountain legend herself. Check the trailer above for a gist of the series, then read the official press release below for more details:

A first-of-its-kind documentary series chronicling a group of athletes, artists, and activists across snowboarding, surfing, and skateboarding, FABRIC is a five-part series that illustrates what’s possible when sport is leveraged as a vehicle to affect fundamental change.
Each of the five episodes is centered around a specific theme—from Knowledge andAdaptation to Activism, Cultural Heritage, and Community—and showcases a group of groundbreaking humans united by their connections to people, place, and pursuit.
The brainchild of Canadian big-mountain snowboarder, backcountry guide, and inaugural 2021 Natural Selection Tour winner Robin Van Gyn, FABRIC breaks the traditional action sports filmmaking mold with candid narratives, world-class action footage, and poignant insights into real-world issues.
The series stars nearly two dozen change-makers whose causes extend beyond themselves. In surf, this includes big wave maverick Paige Alms, and Izzi Gomez, Leah Dawson and Suay SewShop, Hanna Scott, Sanoa Olin, Mainei Kinimaka, and the Black female collective TexturedWaves. In snow, Estelle Pensiero, Robin Van Gyn, Jessa Gilbert, Marie-France Roy, Ireland Smith, Spencer O’Brien, Sandy Ward, Leanne Pelosi; and in skate, Kristin Ebeling, Alexa Berriochoa, Rose Archie, Juliette Pelchat and Hannah Eddy.
Debuting in November 2021, FABRIC captures a level of talent and grit seldom seen in action sports and highlights the ways in which experience culminates outside individuals or athletics.
FABRIC will premiere virtually at select viewing parties across North America beginning November 10, with screenings happening on subsequent Wednesdays through January The series World Premiere will be held on November 20 at the Changing TidesFoundation Event Space in Encinitas, California.
Screening links and additional tour dates and locations will follow soon. To inquire about distribution or sponsorship opportunities, please contact Robin Van Gyn
FABRIC is a partnership between FBRC Media and Happy Okay LLC. It’s produced and directed by Robin Van Gyn (Depth Perception, Full Moon Film) and Justin Taylor Smith (Depth Perception, The Fourth Phase), edited by Smith and Emily Lea, written by Mary Fenton (ESPN, The Snowboarder’s Journal), and executive produced by Wasserman’s Yulin Oliver. Episode synopses are as follows:
EP.1: Knowledge
An introduction to the complex human connection to the natural world. Robin Van Gyn, Paige Alms, Izzi Gomez, and Estelle Pensiero star in this episode about gaining experience and understanding through research and practice, developing confidence and intuition, and passing on knowledge via mentorship.
EP.2: Adaptation
Challenge your standards to change your perspective. Snowboarder Maria Thomsen rethinks the narrative of motherhood; painter Jessa Gilbert leaves New York to make the mountains her canvas, surfers Hanna Scott and Sanoa Olin go off-grid to recapture the freedom of surfing.
EP.3: Activism
Fight for a better future by doing what you can with what you have.Snowboarders Marie-France Roy and Ireland Smith demonstrate macro and micro approaches to environmental reform. Surfer Leah Dawson, Suay Sew Shop, and skateboarder HannahEddy, impact positive shifts for people and planet.
EP.4: Cultural Heritage
Embrace identity to empower future generations of Indigenous youth.Snowboarder Spencer O’Brien finds her voice as an Indigenous leader with help from SandyWard and Rose Archie. Surfer Mainei Kinimaka preserves ancestral tradition through her stewardship of language and the natural world.
EP.5: Community
Create space, opportunity, and a platform in action sports.With Skate Like a Girl, Kristin Ebeling has turned skateboarding into an outlet for LGTBQ andBIPOC skaters like Alexa Berriochoa. Filmmaker Leanne Pelosi and Juliette Pelchat chart parallel paths to open new doors, and Textured Waves increases visibility in surfing for women of color.

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