Jamie Lynn / Microdose / Part 4

Jamie’s roots run as deep as his loyalty. It’s part of what makes him so magnetic. His sponsors, his “team,” become family. For example, Jamie helped bring everyone at Volcom into the fold at his home locales in Washington, including the hardcore 1990s Mt. Baker scene. The seminal 1994 film, “The Garden,” displays this camaraderie alongside the other way Jamie captivates an audience: powerful, XL-scale snowboarding. 

Using “The Garden” for context, Volcom’s Bryan Iguchi, Billy Anderson, Mike Parillo and co-founder Richard Woolcott explain their appreciation of Jamie’s character and ability. Dave Seone and Joel Gomez offer further perspective. This latest “Microdose” by our friends at Absinthe Films taps into the raw creative energy of ‘90s snowboarding that rode in large part on Jamie’s high-flying coattails.

See more episodes of Absinthe Films’ “Microdose” web series here. 


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