Earning Your Turning – Splitboard Edition

Our friends over at Korua Shapes just dropped another episode of their top-notch web series, “Yearning for Turning.” This is the splitboard edition, so they temporarily updated the title to reflect all the foot-power they put into even accessing these lines, and inspiring you to get out there to do the same.

Featuring: Nicholas Wolken, James Niederberger, Alek Oestreng, Gabriele Torriani, Lars Popp, Svanja Schallner, Thomas Stöckli, Raphael Rocha, Andreas Arn, Aaron Schwartz & Josh Dirksen.

Filmed by: Mathias Wittwer, Aaron Schwarz, Andreas Arn, Christoph Thorensen, Filippo Delzanno & Josh Sharpe.

Editor: Mathias Wittwer.

Creative Direction: Mathias Wittwer, Aaron Schwartz & Nicholas Wolken.

Sound Design / Color Grading: Matthias Wittwer.

Graphic Design: Aaron Schwartz.

Music Supervisor: Florent Chronie-De.

Maria Music: “Passion” by The Flirts.

See more episodes of Yearning for Turning here.


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