“Resilience” Full Film Featuring Joe Lax, Cedric Landry and more

We learn a lot about ourselves in the mountains. They serve as a place to create comforting, everlasting memories. But sometimes they instead test our strength–mentally, physically and emotionally. “Resilience” is a documentary about riding big mountain lines in the backcountry, how it pertains to human resilience, and what it means to be truly connected.

From director Brian Hockenstein: “[The film] features Joe Lax, Chris Ankeny, Delaney Zayak, Joel Loverin, Taylor Godber and Cedric Landry as they tackle some of the biggest mountain terrain in the world, as well as all of life’s obstacles, including the deaths of two dear mountain friends – Dave Treadway and Dave Henkel.”

Produced, directed and photographed by Brian Hockenstein.

In loving memory of Dave Treadway and Dave Henkel.


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