Eastern Boarder’s Last Call at Loon – The 20 Year Anniversary

The Last Call at Loon has been a season wrap-up stomping grounds for a full two decades. Presented by independent board shop Eastern Boarder, this year’s 20th anniversary event brought the usual heat. Ely Campeanu put together this edit showcasing some of the highlights from Last Calls of years past and this year’s showdown, which saw Ty Schnorrbusch and Jed Sky take top spots on the podium for the women’s and men’s open, respectively.

Woman’s Podium:

  1. Ty Schnorrbusch
  2. Athena Comeau
  3. Kaleah Opal


Mens Podium:

  1. Jed Sky
  2. Zeb Powell
  3. Joey Okesson


Film: Ely Campeanu, Reilly Woodbury & Pat Dodge.

Edit: Ely Campeanu.


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