Phil Hansen, Naima Antolin and Darrah Reid-McLean in VÄLKOMMEN

Välkommen, or, welcome. Darrah Reid-McLean, Naima Antolin and Phil Hansen star in VÄLKOMMEN, a video by filmmaker Kevin Nolan documenting their journey to the Arctic Circle. Drawn to Sweden by video footage of days past, they revisit zones such as the Riksgränsen hip that Ingemar Backman performed his backside air seen ’round the world, and tap into the energy left in the region by riders who came before them. Importantly, they also make sure to also leave some of their own for those who will come next.

A word from the crew about the video:

Somewhere far north of the Arctic Circle a remote outpost of snowboarding exists, a shining beacon of community amongst the tundra. For us, this place has only ever existed in old videos and magazines. But we were intrigued. So, we traveled over 4000 miles to experience this place for ourselves- and it felt like we never even left home.


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