The Ridge Project by Snowboy Productions

Once again, Krush Kulesza and the crew at Snowboy Productions have outdone themselves with another hammer installment to the “Project” events series. This year The Ridge Project went down at Mission Ridge, WA, where Snowboy took over the 100 Laps terrain park and created one of its best setups ever, all serviced by the rope tow there. When it comes to riding rails on repeat, it really doesn’t get much better than this.

Featuring: Charlie Folkert, John Garoutte, Marty Vachon, Jake Antisdel, Patrick McManus, Tony Ceccarelli, Sierra Forcheimer, Lex Hernandez-Roland, Keenan Filmer, Sean Genovese, Michael Hoy, Adrian Mitchell, Joey Peterson, Mike Skiba, Blake Lamb, Fredrik Perry, Iris Pham, Laura Rogoski, Kai Klassen-Ujeski, J DeForge, Darrah Reid-McLean, Egan Wint, Charolette Flowers, River Richer, Caleb Chomlack, Charlie VanDemark, Bryce Bugera, Ryan Pluche, Bryan Bowler, Kody Yarosloski, Nick Fox, Jeff Holce, Ian Keay, Tommy Van & Casey Pflipsen.


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