TRACKS – An Arctic Snowboarding Story

From Sweden’s own Viktor Björnström & Kajsa Määttä comes TRACKED, a documentary about global warming in the arctic circle seen from snowboarders’ perspectives. As the featured riders navigate big mountain lines, spin off cornices and enjoy afternoon hits on a handbuilt hip, it’s easy to see why the fight to preserve these places is so important.

Filmed in Riksgränsen, Sweden

Featuring Kajsa Määttä, Viktor Björnström, Joakim Rasmussen, Björn Lindgren, Anton Forsén, Simon Bonthron, Isa Lindgren Stålnacke, Isolde Lexvall & Albert Björnström.

A word from Viktor about the film: 

“We are two snowboarders, Viktor Björnström and Kajsa Määttä from Kiruna/Riksgränsen in the northernmost parts of Sweden. As for most people in the north, the long arctic winter is one of the main reasons for us to live here. However, global warming is increasing at more than twice the rate in the far north compared to the global average, and will accelerate even more (fresh reports say four times faster). Most of the warming is taking place in the winter and we have seen some alarming results already, the winter we’ve seen in many parts of Europe this year will unfortunately become a more and more common scenario. Climate change is affecting all of us in the global snowboard and ski community.

Yet there is little information about this that reaches all the way out to the mainstream snowboarding- or freeskiing scene. We thought that we must tell this story, about what already has occurred and what is predicted to happen, and TRACKS is the result. To turn the negative trend of global warming, and secure the ability to snowboard and ski on planet earth in the next century, huge change is needed right now. We as a community need to play our part in this by spreading the word and help to create the public opinion needed to affect the politics.”


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