Brighton / Microdose / Part 2

“The terrain at Brighton is just so insane. Hike off the top of Milly, you’ve got the Milly Bowl, the chute at the top, and all the cliff jumps, all the natural terrain there–we were in heaven… It evolved so quick. You think about it, from the mid-80s to the early 90s, how quick the sport evolved. Man, Brighton was right in there as a destination spot that everyone wanted to go.” — Andy Brewer

Ride back in time in the latest Microdose from Absinthe Films. This episode features a handful of snowboarding pioneers and their archival footage from Brighton Resort, UT. In this episode we hear from Andy Wright, Jeff Davis, Dave Basterrechea, Andy Brewer and more about the early days at Brighton, a mountain chock-full of potential waiting to be tapped. The footage may be a few decades old, but the vibes are timeless.

A word about the video from Absinthe Films

Brighton was one of the early resorts to welcome snowboarders when we were still banned from most ski areas. In this episode we take a few steps back to hear from the folks who were the first to ride snowboards in this area.

Featuring: Brandon Ruff, Tonino Copene, Andy Wright, Benny Pellegrino, George Johnston, Drew Hicken, Jeff Davis, Dave Basterrechea & Andy Brewer.

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