Sage Kotsenburg, Jared Elston and Gabe Ferguson Jump Session on “Anomaly”

Whether they’re in the park or backcountry, Sage Kotsenburg, Jared Elston and Gabe Ferguson are truly formidable jumpers. Look no further than this video for proof. It’s a raw, behind-the-scenes look at their session on a gap dubbed “Anomaly.” Apparently, the kicker they built provided a little more twang than they were originally expecting it to have.

Read about Sage in his profile from Issue 20.3.

A word from Sage about the video:

We built this jump thinking it was super mellow. Turns out it was huge and we ended up having an insane session on it! Jared ended up getting 2 tricks and I got 4. Gabe guinea pigged it and ended up tweaking his ankle and couldn’t sesh anymore


Sage Kotsenburg – Yellow jacket

Jared Elston – Brown jacket

Gabe Ferguson- Beige jacket



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