Wave 🌊 : Victor Daviet x William Aliotti

Snowboarding is surfing’s wintry sister. This video sent over by our friend Victor Daviet (featured in and on the cover of Issue 21.2) spectacularly captures the similarities between riding oceans and mountains. Video editor Rodrigue Llado even went as far as to split the screen between Victor’s snowboarding clips and William Aliotti’s surfing clips to show just how similar each boarder’s movements are to that of their counterpart. A fresh take on a timeless comparison.

A word from Victor about the video, the latest installment of his DVD Videos web series: 

I love surfing so much. Therefore, for this episode, I naturally teamed up with surfer William Aliotti, my favorite free surfer and former teammate. The idea was to explore the similarities & connections between snowboarding and surfing by recreating some iconic moves on both side, in an artistic way. Both riders are perfectly mirroring each other’s moves, on the same element – water – while playfully shifting between its frozen and liquid states. A vision magnified through a pure and simple black and white lens, accompanied by a dreamy soundtrack created specifically for the occasion by Dark Sky.



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