Neon Noir – Full Movie

A word from our friends over at Korua Shapes about their new video, Neon Noir: 
Last winter we made our way back to Japan for the first time since Covid, with aims to dive into the bottomless pit of powder only Hokkaido can provide. And it did. Meanwhile back home in Switzerland we were met with the complete opposite conditions as those we experienced overseas – bone dry, a record low. This stark contrast was the initial spark to explore further themes of opposition, but also the similarities between these two places we hold so dearly – Switzerland, our home, with its towering Alps, deep valleys, tiny villages and old European architecture; versus the serene rolling hills of northern Japan, and the dense, bustling and vibrant stimuli of Tokyo.
Joined by a colourful cast and crew of friends, riders and creatives, we delved into a cinematic exploration of two cultures and terrains on opposite sides of the world – that are intimately connected to us through snowboarding, yet beautifully distinct in their own ways.
This short film represents more than a mere visual treat; it’s a dialogue of moments and impressions, a narrative that dances in the light and shadows of Elle’s camera lens, capturing the essence of our shared experiences. The heartbeat of Neon Noir lies in its ability to take everything we ingested in a few short weeks and package it into a cohesive visual experience that at times feels hectic and urgent, and sometimes calm, patient and peaceful.
Snowboarding really is a wonderful thing that gives us the opportunity to see the world in a unique light. Join us in celebrating not only these places we were fortunate to spend time in, but also the connections that bind us after we left.
Featuring: Nicholas Wolken, James Niederberger, Spencer O’Brien, Runar Hjörleifsson, Atsufumi Mizuno & Daria Fuchs.
Director & Editor: Elle Hindert.
Principal Cinematography: Elle Hindert.
Sound Design & Color: Elle Hindert.
Creative Direction: Elle Hindert & Aaron Schwartz.

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