Video Exclusive

Absinthe Films: Channel Zero – DAM!

Standing at 430 feet tall and 2,400 feet wide, Schlegeis is one of the five hydroelectric dams located in western Austria’s Ziller Valley. The gargantuan structure looks like a towering wave of cement nestled uniformly into the picturesque landscape of the Alps. It’s one of the largest rideable pieces of concrete in the world, as seen in various Absinthe Films‘ videos starring Wolle Nyvelt, the first person to ever snowboard on one of these massive manmade structures.

See it for yourself in the “Dam!” section of Absinthe Films’ CHANNEL ZeRO above. Read all about Wolle and Absinthe Films’ dam sessions in, “Dam Boys: Reservoirs of Potential in Austria,” in Issue19.1.


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