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Animal Primaveral: Pucón, Chile

Spring Animals in the Devil's House

This year’s Animal Primaveral was set in and around the ski resort Pucón, Chile, nestled in the Villarrica’s slopes where organic hips are found in abundance. Villaraca is a volcano also known as the Rucapillán, or “the devil’s house,” and we spent three days seeking and enjoying its impressive formations. Quickly the crew fell into a steady rhythm of waking up late, hitting the river and having lunch before heading into the mountains. 

Animal Primaveral was born from the need to be free of standard contest settings. It’s an organic meeting of riders who share a similar style and approach, who won’t be judged with points or a trick card. We stand for freestyle in a pure environment. The riders who came to this second annual invitational event were carefully assembled. We needed the type of person who can stay chill through any situation, and who has the power to see the endless possibilities of this beautiful area’s natural terrain.

ABOVE The crew was made up by Manu Dominguez, Giuseppe de Brauw, Matias Radaelli, and Fede Chiaradio from Bariloche, Argentina, along with Pucon locals Iñaqui Irarrazabal, Nicolás Urrejola, Jeremy Hatcher, Diego Cerón and Vicente Cvitanic. Here they are taking a break in the shade of a lift shack at Pucón. Photo: JC Labarca.

ABOVE (Left) Fede Chiaradio, frontside 900 and on the way back on for more (right). Photos: JC Labarca.

ABOVE Don’t forget the sunscreen. Photo: JC Labarca.

ABOVE Iñaki Irarrazabal, frontside 720. Photo: JC Labarca.

VIDEO: Matias Radaelli.

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