Ash & Steel – Snowboy Productions x Carinthia at Mt. Snow

Carinthia Parks at Mt. Snow has one of the most creative and hardworking park crews on the east coast. By putting them together with Krush Kulesza and the Snowboy Productions crew, great things were bound to happen. And they did. The first ever Ash & Steel event just went down at Mt. Snow, VT, where Snowboy helped transform the already awesome Prospector terrain park into a flow-zone made up of wooden and metal features with unlimited lines and potential. The snow conditions and sun lined up perfectly for the gathering, and the riders stepped up to make truly the most of it. Hats off to all involved.

Featuring: Shaun Murphy, Nate Haust, Zeb Powell, Timmy Sullivan, Miles Fallon, Ian Keay, Blake Geis and many more.


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