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The Coal Pad Grows in Glacier, WA

The Coal Pad continues to grow. About two weeks ago we saw the final pour in phase two of the expansion plans. The new section more than doubles the size of the park and sets up the rest of the space for continued growth. But, the Glacier Skate Association needs help refilling their bank account before further building can begin. So, they’re hosting a benefit fundraiser this weekend. The party starts at 7 p.m. on Saturday, September 9th at Chair 9 in Glacier. Twenty bucks cash gets you in the door. There will be art for auction, merch, raffles and live music. All the money raised will go right back into the Coal Pad.

Above Jeremy Miller ripping the bowl.

Just before the most recent pour, I went up to skate and ran into Jeremy Miller. Miller could very well be considered the father of the Coal Pad. He helped with the first pours at the pad. Way back. OG Coal Pad local. Down for life. He’s got the ink to prove it.

Above 110 percent Coal Pad.

Jeremy talked about all sorts of plans to continue building out the rest of the park. There’s still a lot of room to expand and Miller, along with all the other dedicated volunteers who make up the Glacier Skate Association, are determined to cover every square inch of that pad with concrete. Spread the word and add to the pot by raging at Chair 9 this weekend. If you can’t make the party visit to donate.

Above All that rebar is butter-smooth concrete now.


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