Max Warbington’s 3rd Annual Quarterpipe Campout

With wooden poles standing nearly 20 feet tall and wrapped tightly together to withstand inclement weather, the tipi erected in the parking lot of Mt. Bachelor, OR is an impressive structure. It evokes thoughts of connectedness, and of the indigenous peoples of America’s Great Plains who used the portable shelters in accordance with their nomadic lifestyle. Surrounding the antiquated abode is a parking lot full of tents, truck campers and RV’s—our modern-day takes on the temporary home. And roughly 100 yards uphill from the tipi stands an equally impressive structure: a slushy, double-overhead quarterpipe fitted with a few extensions to offer endless possibilities to the riders who’ve gathered to session it. We’re at Max Warbington’s 3rd Annual Quarterpipe Campout, ready to send the season off right in central Oregon.

In what feels somewhere between a festival and a traditional snowboard event, the morning is spent skateboarding a miniramp that the Warbington family set up at basecamp, with afternoon dedicated to snowboarding the quarterpipe. Evening consists of lurking in the lot, sipping beers and eating barbeque until the sun fades away. Under the starry night sky, we set fire pits ablaze, illuminating the grinning, sunburnt faces of those surrounding them. Pro snowboarder Dillon Ojo begins to DJ and some dance, but most don’t. Although full of extroverts, this cast clearly prefers sliding snow to cutting a rug. We stare into the flames and reminisce on the day well spent, stoked on all the tricks well sent.

As the sun emerges again Sunday, we rise to pack still-wet boots into the backs of our vehicles, exchange daps with our fellow, snowboarding tribespeople and vow to kick it again soon. The miniramp gets broken down and loaded onto a trailer, and next comes the tipi. It’s time to go. But is it time to say goodbye? Not really. In accordance with our own wandering ways, it’s just time for everyone to carry on their own respective adventures; until we meet in the mountains again.


1st Place Men’s / Best Slam: JD Dennis.

1st Place Women’s: Naima Antolin.

Highest Air: Sage Kotsenburg.

Best Trick: Forest Bailey (backside disaster backside 360 on the flat box extension).

Best Plant: Jared Elston.

South Lake Award: Jeff “Jay” Richards.

Warpig’s Pick: Merrick Joyce.

Thanks to Max and the Warbington family, Thomas Carpenter, Nina Zess, the crew at Mt. Bachelor, Tokyo Starfish, and everyone who helps make this event come to fruition. 

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