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2018-19 Mt. Baker Season Recap

Gone in a Slash

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One-and-a-half hours: How long it takes to drive from Bellingham, WA to the Mt. Baker Ski Area via Highway 542. Ten minutes: The amount of time to load a chairlift and ride to the top of a deep, powdery run upon arrival at the resort. One second: That tiny, terrific twinkling spent barreling through a slash of snow, temporarily sacrificing your vision to the whiteroom before blasting out the other end hungry for more. It’s those glorious, fleeting flashes that might be the most addicting. They fly by in the blink of an eye, but instill memories that last a lifetime.

Each season at the Mt. Baker Ski Area is chock-full of these awe-inspiring instants, and like the snowflakes that make them all possible, no two are exactly alike. Despite their differences, these moments of triumph and exhilaration resonate throughout the mountain, building a bond between its visitors every day the lifts are spinning. Whether it’s through skiing or snowboarding, dropping in on The Arm or just successfully unloading from the lift for the first time, the feelings our breakthroughs invoke are all relative. Each of these momentous experiences connect us, adding to the collective level of something that can’t be measured in feet and inches. There’s a legacy of good times at Mt. Baker Ski Area, a legacy of self-growth and accomplishment—a legacy that we’re all adding to every single time we slide down this mountain.

Although the feelings can’t be measured, the instants can be captured—sometimes. The visual snippets to follow give us a glimpse into the 2018-19 winter season, a season that saw over 500 inches of snowfall and tens-of-thousands of high-fives. A season gone by too quickly, though to be reminisced over fondly for years to come. These snippets will serve as a solid reminder to always cherish the snow, people and good times they bring together. Capture what you can or simply live in the moment, because as we know all too well, some of the best times are gone in a slash.


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