Ojo Fest 2023

A storm rolled through eastern Canada last weekend, leaving behind roughly six inches of fresh snow in Montreal. It couldn’t have come at a better time. On Saturday morning the Dillon Ojo Snowpark, a free-to-ride terrain park located downtown at the Montreal Olympic Park, opened for its second season of no-cost snowboarding. Hundreds of snowboarders and spectators came out to ride, vibe and pay their respects to the late, great Dillon Ojo at this year’s kickoff party, Ojo Fest 2023. The atmosphere got rowdy quick yet stayed inviting all the while, amounting to a scene with something for everyone to enjoy—exactly how one might imagine that Dillon would’ve wanted it.

A lay of the land. The Dillon Ojo Snowpark is situated within the Montreal Olympic Park in a prominent location at the foot of the tower.

A whole lot of boarders came out for Ojo Fest 2023. Kennedi Deck backside boardslides the down-flat-down amid the madness.

Mike Bogs. Who? Mike Bogs.

Benny Gonzales and Taylor Davies doubled-up on the jump.

Left/Top: Jake Kuzyk holds a disco ball above the Seen Snowboarding closet to flatbox feature at the top of the park.

Right/Bottom: Keenan Cawley grabbing melon over the down-flat-down at the bottom of the park.

The idea for the park came from the Dillon Ojo Lifeline Foundation, a nonprofit founded in memory of the Montrealer who tragically lost his life in an accident at the age of 23 in 2018. The foundation’s mission is to support underprivileged youth through increasing opportunities for them to pursue sports programs and other meaningful activities. They partnered with one of Dillon’s sponsors, Vans, to help bring the snowpark to life last season. Unsurprisingly, in this city full of winter enthusiasts, it was well received.

Ojo forever.

Future snowboarders sliding for the first time in the “Learn to Snow” zone at Ojo Fest 2023.

Jacob Krugmire, frontside 540.

Gian Sutter gap to frontside boardslide.

Phil Jacques knows Ojo Fest is fun for the whole family and brought his out to the event.

Rider unknown (send smoke signals) with a crowd pleasing backflip.

Seb Picard, frontside boardslide (with drink in hand for added consequence).

Ojo Fest 2023 was a sight to see, with Dillon’s best friends and teammates and so many snowboarders who looked up to him gathered for an afternoon of hucking in the heart of Quebec’s biggest city. The park offered up a handful of options for jibbing and jumping. Looking downhill, the rider’s left side of the slope featured warmup hits including a Seen Snowboarding closet-to-flat box followed up by a rainbow box and a tube. Rider’s right was situated with larger, more challenging rails as well as a jump which could be attacked straight on or as a hip. At the base of the hill young children had the opportunity to try sliding around for their first time at the “Learn to Snow” area while Adamo pizza shop served up slices. Nearby the Adamo tent DJ Felix Patry made sure there was never a dull moment on the music front, which Mike Ravelson noted when describing the overall energy at the event as “one of the most fun days of snowboarding” he’s ever had.

These photos capture only a fraction of the fun that went down that day. A small nod to the big impact left by Dillon’s undying energy. Ojo forever.

Gold at the end of the rainbow. The Dillon Ojo Snowpark in Montreal will be open to the public through March.

Get involved with the Dillon Ojo Lifeline Foundation at dillonojo.org.

Special thanks to Vans for sponsoring the Dillon Ojo Snowpark and putting on Ojo Fest 2023. Thanks also to everyone else in the community that helped make this day one to remember.  


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