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September Street Mission

The ability to snowboard is almost always in Mother Nature’s hands. But sometimes us snowboarders just can’t wait for the snow to start falling. Justin Norman regularly demonstrates such an impatience with annual street missions starting months before the clouds above the Pacific Northwest produce our preferred form of precipitation.

With the help of a few friends, Justin leads the charge in transplanting snow from local ice rinks to spots using a U-Haul. Everyone’s got to be working quickly to set up and session before it all melts away. Our most recent mission was in Bellingham, WA. Justin found the ideal rail to slide–a picturesque downrail practically beckoning boarders to come slide it, with a mural on the side to really bring it home.

Street snowboarding in Bellingham, WA. Justin Norman does a bluntslide on a street rail in Bellingham, WA during the month of September.  






























Street strikes like these never come easy. It takes a lot of work, all while knowing it’ll only result in a little bit of riding. Sometimes, no one even lands their trick. But in the end, we’ve found that everyone ends up having fun and getting juiced for the season to come. Grown men playing in the snow in September, all of whom finally feel like they’ve found their people again. In that sense and several more, the shoveling is always well worth it.


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