We’ve Always Been The Snowboarder’s Journal

Change is the only constant and frequencies are in perpetual oscillation.

In 2001 When Jeff and Jessie Lu Galbraith, Chris Brunkhart, Jamie Lynn, Ari Marcopoulos and a host of co-conspirators came together to create the first issue of frequency The Snowboarder’s Journal, they aimed to tap into a cultural frequency—a wavelength broadcasting through our tribe. It did, and it continues to do so a decade-and-a-half onwards. Although we’ve grown tremendously over the years, we continue to evolve and refresh our vision while staying true to the soul of snowboarding.

With this in mind and looking ahead to the next 15 years, we’ve simplified our name to The Snowboarder’s Journal. Accompanying this change is a revised cover design, logo, and a new website at—along with a fresh wave of exclusive digital content.

“Fine tuning our title name makes all the sense in the world for searchability and basic brand clarity,” says founder and Publisher Jeff Galbraith. “While the concept of a vibe—a frequency—will always be at the heart of our identity, putting the subtitle front and center makes it clear to the world at large who we are, and continues our mission to be the best content provider in snowboarding. With the addition of our digital film series, ongoing microsites and a new website, it’s time for this change.”

We’ve always been The Snowboarder’s Journal and we’re still tuned into that cultural frequency. The name ‘frequency’ will continue to appear on the cover next to the edition number as a nod to our heritage. The Snowboarder’s Journal looks forward another season of bringing the cultural vibrations.


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