Swiss style master Nicolas Müller needs no introduction–rider of the year nominations, standout parts with Absinthe Films, and coverage in nearly every snowboard publication in the world puts him directly in the forefront of shred consciousness. But Nico is far from a stereotypical snowboarder–his unique take on the environment, on style, on light and energy sets him consciously apart from mainstream thought. For Nicolas Müller, snowboarding is the easy part.

Last year I went to Laax, Switzerland to watch the European Open; after three days of chaos all I wanted was to find a hotel and some food.

TWS Editor Annie Fast and I were accompanied on the train to Zurich by an anonymous soccer game organizer who claimed to know everybody in the snowboard community, yet nobody knew him. We were a little suspect, to say the least.

As the train moved closer to Zurich, Nicolas Müller’s name came up—he was going to pick us up at the station. Annie and I didn’t believe Mr. Anonymous for a second—Nicolas, a guy nearing legendary status, is going to be waiting by himself at the train station for this guy and two others he didn’t know?

But sure enough, there was Eco Nico pulling up in his Fiat hybrid. He got out, greeted us, turned to the car, and said, “It runs on nature gas, pretty cool, huh?”

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