Matt French Gallerie

You’ve seen his work all over the snowboard map—in print, on your shoes, your outerwear. But Matt French continues to live outside the commercial artist bubble. Raised in the farming community of Lynden, WA, French’s endless energy has channeled into his dozens of ongoing projects, traveling from Tacoma to Tokyo to express the rad. Indeed, Matt French is an eternal work in progress.

When we began collecting material for this piece, French showed up with a minivan full of plastic drawers, old snowboards, and a nine-foot original that served as the basis for the original Lib Tech Skate Banana. And this was just the beginning—a few days later, he brought two more boxes brimming with sketches, collages and clippings—of art in progress, as it were. And this is the typical Matt French experience. According to Mervin’s Pete Saari, “Matt once showed up at our office with a truck-load of art, and still felt he left some of the good stuff back at his studio… He is energy expressed through art”…

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