Pirate Movie Productions

What began as a small backyard gathering in the Austrian Alps has grown into a global network. From Gigi Rüf to Nicolas Müller and Marco Feichtner, Tobias Ludscher to Basti Balser and Flo Eckhardt, movies to art to travel and adventure, Europe’s premiere movie crew is now a decade deep and continues to bring an influx of creativity into the snowboard world.

The Pirate Crew is a brotherhood, a family, a think tank and a film company based in Innsbruck, Austria. They are creators who help others accomplish dreams. Their business has sustained itself primarily through snowboard filmmaking—documenting a sport that has been a staple in the lives of every individual in their crew—but it also runs deeper than that. With brains, imagination, drive and a global support system, their creative projects have the power to create progression, artistry, originality, and camaraderie. After ten-plus years of movies, books and art projects, the snowboard world is a better place thanks to a network of Pirates…

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