Shayne Pospisil

Despite podiums at the Arctic Challenge and British Columbia heli missions with Jake Blauvelt, Shayne Pospisil has flown under the radar when it comes to the mainstream spotlight. But in the game of life, Shayne’s journey from the Jersey Shore to perpetual sideways motion constitutes his version of winning.

Life’s a game. A board game. A hand of cards. Super Mario Bros. Pick a match for the metaphor and indulge this one for a minute. We are all playing this game, whether we want to or not. We all have to follow some rules: laws enforced by physics and/or federal, state and local authorities. Sometimes we’re up and the game is fun. Life actually feels like play. But then we’re down and everything feels like work. That game sucks.

Shayne Pospisil is good at playing the game. Right now, he’s winning…

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