Andrew Miller Gallerie

Mundane/ Magic: Andrew Miller’s SUBJECTIVE GUIDELINES

“These days we all have so much visual imagery pushed in front of us from all angles,” Andrew Miller says. “I don’t think there has ever been a time in history that people have had so much access and exposure to photography at their fingertips. The number of pictures you scroll, flip and click through each day is pretty wild.”

Miller recognizes that a surplus of disposable content requires a truly powerful image to make a viewer stop and consider it at a deeper level. Those photos in which time ceases to exist. Your eyes become fixated on every fine-tuned detail, magically and delicately woven together creating a thing of beauty. The guidelines are subjective, but to Andrew it is the “use of natural light, unique angles, layering, minimal editing and overall vibe,” that contribute to the end product.

If you’ve been even remotely following snowboard media over the last half decade, you’ve seen Andrew’s work. His resume spans all major endemic publications, a plethora of ad campaigns and the Instagram accounts of every rider that has ever worked with him. Currently a staff photographer for Jones Snowboards as well as a top choice for snow brands, magazines and riders looking to put together a shoot, the demand for his high-caliber imagery and work ethic is on a constant rise…

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