Austen Sweetin

Austen Sweetin and All the Things

They call him the Froth Goblin. And it’s not because of his third nipple.

“It’s kind of my good luck nipple,” Austen Sweetin says, laughing. “It’s normal. At least that’s what my mom told me, growing up.”

We’re at his mom’s house in the Seattle suburb of Shoreline, WA up in the attic, Austen’s room. All of his stuff is there, stacked up, ready to move. There are a half-dozen guitars, just as many cameras, piles of books, amps, microphones, surfboards, outerwear, goggles—a half-dozen of everything. Down in the garage are more piles of gear, at least 20 snowboards, including his first, a 110cm Sims. Outside is his Toyota Tundra, camper and snowmobile. All this stuff has to go.

The 26-year-old just bought property on the west coast of Vancouver Island, BC with his girlfriend, fellow pro rider Robin Van Gyn. Ten acres of raw land near the fishing town of Ucluelet, or “Ukee” as it’s known. They’re starting small with a 100-square-foot cabin, but have big plans for an off-grid compound including a skate bowl with water views. There are waves out there, too. It should be enough to keep Austen busy, perhaps. He is the Froth Goblin, after all. It’s a name bestowed upon him by filmer Hayden Rensch. It comes from his desire to be doing everything, all the time. The dude doesn’t slow down. “Like, let’s go snowboard all day, and the minute we’re done it’s like, ‘OK, what’s next? Are we playing ping-pong? Are we gonna go skate this parking garage because it’s snowing outside? Looks like a weather day tomorrow, should we drive out to Vancouver Island and go surf?’” Austen explains, laughing. “Yeah, it comes from my excitement to constantly be doing something. I try to do all the things.”…

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