Blair Habenicht

Blair Habenicht was brought up surfing the mountains and seas of the Pacific Northwest. Mentored from an early age by his legendary cousin Scott Stamnes, he now carries on a Northwest legacy of soul-riding deep among the tall evergreens and plentiful snow the area has to offer-alongside the occasional trip to Alaska to film with the biggest names in the business.

“Legacy is a strange beast. With it, college fraternity houses fawn over you with beers, ball game tickets, and the acquaintance of young women. Without it, dormitories and civilian life. Legacy can lead to spots on the team, and spots on the Senate.

Legacy can also be a burden; living up to the expectations of a famed brother, father, mother, or even cousin, can, for some, simply be an encumbrance. Robbie Knievel may jump farther and faster than his father, but Evel will always be the remembered showman.

But sometimes, in those rare and magical cases of synchronicity, legacy simply becomes a torch, a baton, a medallion—a passing of one’s knowledge, love and mojo along to a trusted other.

Blair Habenicht is the beneficiary of the magical synchronitic variety. And he is clearly his own dude.”

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