Bryan Fox

A Hard Sell: Bryan Fox in Magic Land

Bryan Fox isn’t one to brag. On the contrary, he’ll tell you about his shortage of natural talent. It’s not that he lacks confidence in his boarding abilities, but its more a reminder that he has worked hard to make it as a professional snowboarder. Bryan understands that content management and media relations are just as important as talent in this industry, and he knows that passion, dedication and drive are part of the formula for a long-lasting career. That, and the ability to stand out through your ideas as much as your riding.

Outspoken from the get-go, Bryan has been known to play devil’s advocate. You may not always agree with him, but he is quick to point out the hypocrisy of traveling the world to snowboard while at the same time touting environmental responsibility. And he’s never afraid to call things as he sees them, even if his views sometimes clash with the predominant liberal ideology of the snowboard world.
Now 34-years-old, Bryan’s been at it for a decade-and-a-half. He migrated from inland SoCal to Portland, OR in 2002 and took early cues from riding Mt. Hood with Scotty Wittlake, which led to critical industry introductions. From there, he filmed with People, Mack Dawg and Videograss. He’s since ridden around the globe, whether on Alaska and British Columbia missions with Travis Rice and Quiksilver, or working closer to home on shoestring video projects like The Rascals—a Mt. Baker short produced in conjunction with Wittlake—or Drink Water’s Energy, Pathology Project and Mediocre Madness movies. Along the way, he has surrounded himself with influential riders who speak to different niches in snowboarding…

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