Flow State

with Dr. Chris Bertram

You know that scene in Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back where Luke Skywalker makes his X-Wing fighter hover with the wave of his hand? Yoda is just getting going with Luke and his process of learning to use the “Force,” and Luke wills a massive piece of machinery up and out of some sort of swamp and gets the thing to hover there in front of him. It is the ultimate display of mind over matter. A fantasy we’ve all certainly entertained. Telekinesis is the clinical term. Or psychokinesis, in which objects are moved without applying physical force. It’s long been used in media entertainment but hasn’t been scientifically achieved. As far as we know. 

Thing is, there’s this guy I know, and he knows how to make things hover with just his brain. A lot like how Luke lifted that X-wing. For real. In fact, he works for the Canadian National Snowboard Team and he’s teaching them how to perform magic with their minds too. 

Meet Chris Bertram: flow coach… 

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