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Own Man: Gary Land Shoots his Shots

Shooters gonna shoot. And Gary Land is a shooter. He’s an OG East Coast degenerate-turned-snowboard-photographer who eventually pivoted to high-profile photography and directing commercials for clients including Apple, Bose and Nike, including one that aired during the Super Bowl. So to get back to the sports metaphor and expand some: You miss 100 percent of the shots you don’t take. 

Thing is, Gary isn’t really into mainstream sports. He’ll tell you he hates them.  Ironically enough, he grew up in a house in Virginia Beach, VA, that was basically a sports bar. It was filled with wall-to-wall TVs broadcasting any and every game-of-the-day, all day, every day. Baseball, basketball, hockey, horse races—all of it, all the time. Gary’s dad was a bookie. As in someone who facilitates gambling. Like, but a human, his dad. 

“He was a shady individual, but a good guy,” Gary says.

There’s lots of fodder for some psychoanalysis here, but setting that aside, let’s just say Gary wasn’t vibing on all those mainstream games. Instead he turned to skateboarding, surfing and, eventually, snowboarding…

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