Harrison Gordon

Harrison Gordon is a Weekend Warrior

At first glance, Harrison Gordon appears to be a typical Southern California pro snowboarder. First sponsored at age 9, he slowly worked his way into the spotlight in the 2000s via rail jams, a move to Mammoth, and filming in the streets with Videograss.

“Coming from Southern California, he’s maintained that identity by being down to party, down to snowboard, to skate, whatever,” close friend and contemporary Jake Kuzyk says. “He’s what you envision when you think of a Southern California professional snowboarder, even though that type of rider has mostly dropped off the map recently.”

But that’s not to say Harrison has locked into a cliché—he’s evolved as a rider and a person from those early days at Big Bear and Mountain High. Now, at age 32, Harrison’s been riding plenty of powder to balance things out. And not only did Harrison get married this year, but he also returned to California to assume a day-to-day role in caring for his mom, who has multiple sclerosis. It can’t be easy, but Harrison has taken it in stride, balancing the responsibilities of life with his usual calm demeanor, accepting what the world gives him and maintaining a hopeful attitude. It’s reflective of his thoughtful personality, one that has gained him the trust and respect of a wide range of riders and industry folks over his decade-long-and-counting pro career. “When you first meet Harrison, you might not realize how funny he truly is,” Kuzyk says. “But the more you get to know him, the more you catch on. He’s subtle, ironic and intelligent—he knows what he wants to say, and he’s not trying to prove anything to anyone.”…

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