Ian Boll

Tactile Elements with Ian Boll

Ian Boll is always in motion. One day he’s journeying through the Rocky Mountains on his dirt bike. The next, he’s doing a cross-country trip in his Chevy Suburban—which he spent a year converting into a pop-top camper—shooting 16mm time-lapses while driving. The 31-year-old’s thirst for adventure is second to none—and for him, no adventure is complete without a camera in hand.

Having put together approximately 10 video parts as a rider, most of Ian’s time is now spent on the other side of the lens. A serious knee injury four years ago resulted in five subsequent surgeries. However, Ian has long been interested in shooting photos. In fifth grade, while growing up in Reading, MA, he took a photography class and got his first hands-on experience with developing images. He quickly fell in love with the process. Then, in 2001, his mom got him a Canon SLR. Ian began shooting anything and everything. 

“I could finally take photos of whatever I wanted, which were usually crappy skate and snowboard stuff with my brothers and our friends,” Ian says. “Then I’d send them out and the photos would come back in color and not just black and white. I would get so psyched to see them.”…

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