Iuna Tinta

Iuna Tinta's Righteous Path

Corinne “Iuna Tinta” Weidmann has that thing–that dive-deeper-than-the-ocean-thing, that reach-higher-than-the-highest-mountaintop thing, that wild-hearted energy that pushes you past easy and into a brighter, stranger, more raw kind of thing. And as luck would have it, all of those things come together like a choir when she paints.

Corinne was the newest artist to join the Asymbol Gallery lineup when I started working at the company in 2014. She was the first artist I had ever really worked with, and you always remember your first. She showed a solid connection to snowboarding alongside a fine art energy on a few people posess. When it comes to her work, she’s a house on fire; a rare trait in our handshake-driven world. By the time we met, she had a few skate and snow graphics under her belt and was already on the righteous path. In two short years she has hammered out graphics for Roxy/Mervin Manufacturing, artist series gloves for Pow, and taken part in multiple sold-out art shows alongside Asymbol heavyweights like Mike Parillo and Jamie Lynn. As an artist, especially one who rides, few things are greater than finding your art underfoot…

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