Jake Blauvelt

From Vermont to the West Coast, transitions to the backcountry, Jake Blauvelt approaches life with clean style. And beyond his on-snow façade, Blauvelt is a man of the land – a cultivator of organic food and a healthy lifestyle, a deep thinker whose opinions go beyond those presented by mainstream media. The bicoastal migrations of Jake Blauvelt.

Words: John Laing.

Jake Blauvelt is a man of the land. He’s a cultivator of dirt, fisher of rivers, surfer of coastlines and shredder of high peaks. He’s an explorer at heart with diverse natural talents. Riding a snowboard has taken Jake around the world, and he’s been one of the most talented and well-respected athletes in the game for a decade. His success comes from riding terrain that interests him, not others.

Jake is a true native of Vermont – that’s where his fundamental self was formed. These days, he is living in Vermont after a 10-year hiatus in the west. It’s always back and forth wih Jake. Vermont is home, but there is still that sense of purpose out west when snow falls. In Vermont, Jake has been building- revitalizing an orchard, putting up a new barn. He likes to talk about his garden about what he and his wife Kristin have planted that season. They carefully prepare and serve each meal with their own health and that of the planet in mind – an organic, local labor of love. Food as medicine on more than one level…

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