Jamie Lynn’s Creative Language

Although he holds a seat at the round table of snowboard legend, Jamie Lynn’s creative language continues to grow. From a childhood in a Vashon Island, WA artist’s workshop, to globetrotting with a guitar in hand, Jamie Lynn talks music, art, skateboarding, snowboarding and perpetuating vibrations of radness.

It’s a rare sunny November day in Seattle—clear, crisp, cold in the shade. Jamie Lynn’s at a skate park on the southeast side of the city center. He didn’t grow up skating, being a kid from the rural roads of nearby Vashon Island, but it’s a passion of his now, as much as any other form of creative expression. He’s got the torn clothes and bruised elbows of someone who skates daily. To Jamie, skating, snowboarding, music and art are all pieces of the whole. They’re complementary forces in the flow of a life spent bouncing from spot to spot, following intuitive momentum as much as any conscious path…

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